About Whitby Business Network

Whitby Business Network, established in April 2016 as the local peer led support organisation for Whitby Businesses.

Our role is to support, promote and develop business organisations in our community and we do this by:

  • Ensuring that the views of Whitby businesses are represented when strategic plans and decisions are taken.
  • Developing projects that raise the profile and support the wellbeing and improvement of the Whitby economy, people and its places.
  • Encouraging visitors, local people and companies to use Whitby and district based businesses.
  • Producing and maintaining an up to date web-based directory of local businesses.
  • Providing networking and learning opportunities including mutual support for members.
  • Developing and highlighting local employment opportunities.
  • To share and promote quality standards and good practice to meet the needs of our members and the people of Whitby.